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History of the QASHQAI, looked at by

The Nissan Qashqai is a crossover utility vehicle by the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan. It was introduced in 2007 thereby becoming a relatively new Nissan model. The Qashqai (pronounced Cash'ki) derives its name from a semi-nomadic Iranian tribe. The Qashqai was first introduced at the Paris Motor Show of 2006. A year later in 2007, Nissan had already sold about 100 000 examples in Europe and 17 554 in the UK alone. With that sale figure, the Qashqai became the 10th best selling car in the UK in 2010.
Although there only being one generation of Qashqais at the moment and despite technical and exterior updates, a new generation is to be introduced in 2014. Since 2006 the Qashqai has been assembled at the Tyne and Wear plant in the UK, where previously the Nissan Almera and Primera were produced. With the launch of the new generation, production is rumoured to be moved to St Petersburg in Russia.
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